Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Fraser Island !

Our schoolgroup !

our jeap ! - Lead Car

on the fery !

Lunch break at the beach

Little Dingo

McKenzie Lake 

our little child Nicolas with his selfmade boat for ants !

Teeth brush in the morning!

K'gari Camp

Erfrischung um 9 Uhr morgens im " Hangover Creek " alias " Eli Creek "

peace !

The Ship wreck

View from the Champagne Pools to Indian Head !

Champagne Pools

Nicolas and the Jellyfish :D

Champagne Pools 

Fanny and me 

Indian Head

Indian Head

View from Indian Head



Fanny and Froukje - Backpackerhostl

Fanny and me in front of Wabby Lake 

Fanny and Froukje in front of Wabby Lake

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